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Why You Should Consider Going to Therapy

Hey y’all!

This past week, I have been dealing with a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions surrounding big transitions coming up for my family. Combine that with my disappointment about the need for virtual gatherings this holiday season, and let’s just say this week’s therapy session was needed!

Now I know there are cultural and societal stigmas placed on the concept of therapy, but it honestly is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and stuck with. So, I thought I’d share some reasons why you should consider going to therapy!

  1. It is your own safe space!

This is one of my main reasons for going to therapy. Having a dedicated space on a routine basis, to check in with yourself with no judgment is sooo needed! Think of it like a dump journal in person form – someone who won’t judge you or your needs and is equipped to help you process and get to the other side of whatever you are dealing with.

  1. It gives you clarity on what experiences have impacted you the most.

It’s easy to disregard what you’ve been though, and it’s also easy to dismiss unhealthy behaviors and patterns you’ve picked up along your journey in life. Going to therapy is a great opportunity to connect some of your present-day concerns with your past experiences. Getting clarity on the things that made you you can bring healing and peace if you dare to peek into your past.

  1. It’s a form of self-care.

It really is! In a world that demands so much from us daily, it’s important to have a self-care routine period. Therapy is a block of time that you know is completely dedicated to you and your needs. Life’s obligations are on hold. You don’t have to worry about the kids, work, what’s for dinner, none of these things. Only you and what you need at the moment. You are the priority in therapy. And making yourself a priority is the highest form of self-care and self-love.

  1. It can help you grow and learn more about yourself.

There are so many times in therapy where the lightbulb goes off for me. I love being able to talk through a situation and gain a new perspective or just being able to be clear on what it is what I want in the moment. Talking with someone about your life experiences, your fears, your thoughts, and your feelings is a learning experience. Questions may come up that you never thought to ask yourself. And in time, you will see the growth you’ve made in your actions, how you handle situations or view interactions with others. One day you will look up and realize that you have grown in ways big and small. And you will proud of the work you accomplished in therapy.

  1. It can open the door to being more vulnerable.

This last point is one I especially want to make. For those that look like me, I know the concept of therapy is still a taboo subject in our culture. But I’m going to tell you why it’s necessary. As a black woman, I know the world has taught me (us) that we are undervalued and underappreciated, that we are strong and can handle and take anything that comes our way. People of color have had to endure so many layers of trauma (that’s a whole different post) over hundreds of years, and even in 2020 alone.  Sis! Bro! I need you to understand that just because you are strong doesn’t mean you don’t deserve healing and safety as well. Just because we “have always handled the hand we are dealt” doesn’t discount that our wounds are real and still bleeding. Vulnerability is an uncomfortable place to sit in when the entire world has conditioned us to tough it out and push through. If no one else tells you, being vulnerable is a space you deserve to sit in. You deserve to let down those walls, cry your tears, be validated, and show the world that there’s beauty in the many layers of our pain, but also in our ability to heal and connect on a deeper level.

Therapy can be challenging. It can come with discomfort when met with revelations. It can provide comfort or mixed feelings in having a name (diagnosis) for how you feel. It can provide freedom if you do the work to reconcile your past and learn healthier ways to cope. And it can also provide gains in internal and tangible ways if you choose to make your mental and emotional health and growth a priority.  I hope this post gives you some perspective as you consider if therapy can help you!

‘Til next time fam,