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When the Trauma Echoes Come

Here is an all too familiar feeling. You’ve finally hit your stride in your life routine, maybe even started to stretch yourself in some areas. You feel centered but all of a sudden, a situation arises, and you feel like you are back in the broken place where trauma met you. You are knocked off-kilter by a name, a smell, a remark said to you…and now you feel like you are back to the beginning of your healing journey because you feel wrecked all over again.

I’ve been there multiple times. I’m living through it now. And what I’ve learned is though trauma echoes haven’t gotten any easier, I at least know how to handle it in a way that brings love, clarity, and peace back to my heart. But make no doubt about it, no matter how tough it is to deal with these triggers, it is necessary to find a way to handle it…because what isn’t dealt with festers.

For many years, I wasn’t aware of my trauma, much less my trauma triggers, so it was hard to recognize a trauma echo for what it was – a hurt from the past. This was the first thing I had to learn…that a hurt can feel so fresh and painful but really it is just a reflection of an old hurt, a memorable scar. Though that pain is real, it’s important to know that the hurt is old. Doing that provides the opportunity for us to take back control of our emotions. Instead of spiraling in the tornado of feelings that arise, being able to acknowledge where this feeling comes from, and sitting with those feelings allows healing to rise and cover those old wounds.

What comes next for me is using all the self-care tools I’ve developed in my healing journey. Sometimes we need to nurture our mind, heart, and spirit in order for the world to feel right again under our feet. For me, that’s scheduling an extra therapy session, going for walks, listening to music and messages that speaks life and keeps me in a positive space. I indulge in Epsom salt baths, listen to meditations, light a new candle, have a date night with the hubby, and read an extra devotional in my Bible app. Being intentional about loving myself in my low moments, and cheering myself on as I walk, however slowly, back to my happy, centered space. I know being a trauma survivor is a process…a journey of highs and lows. I praise myself when I’m at my best and I give myself grace when I’m sitting with those old feelings.

Because the blessing with trauma echoes is…those feelings will pass.

That hurt will subside.

Your light will shine brighter again.

Your heart will make space for new things.

God’s mercy will keep you.

God’s joy will come in the morning.

You will hit your stride again.

And you will be stronger…

With each echo that comes is another opportunity to forgive and receive a renewed healing. I encourage you to be intentional when those trauma echoes come and love yourself for braving another one.

Love yourself in the hard seasons, boo.

Strive to see yourself

And know I see you too.