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We Can Do Better Than Just Make It

Lean in my dear sis and bro.

I get it.

Life is busy and the roles you fill comes with responsibilities that can’t be shirked.

So you press through.

Shove down what hurts you

Push past the pain

Paint on a face

That mask that says you’re happy, you’re fine, you’re making it.

And that’s just it…the truth is you are making it.

But can I ask at what expense?

What part of you are you compromising to just make it through your workday, show up to that meeting, be there for your loved ones?

What piece of you stays hidden for fear that if you acknowledge it, you may just break?

I believe making it is no longer enough for you. I know it isn’t for me.

I think sometimes we tell ourselves a narrative that what we feel or struggle with doesn’t matter,

That how we need to show up in our workplace, our family, our obligations is all that matters.

Both of these just aren’t true, my friend.

You matter.

How you feel about yourself and your experiences matter.

Your health, pain and unresolved issues matter.

And not only does it matter, it deserves your attention.

I’ve had to learn that the most important conversations I can have are with myself.

How I’m feeling from moment to moment, recognizing what helps and what hurts, and rewriting that inner narrative that keeps me from living my best and healthiest self.

When you are only focusing on making it, you disregard the signals your mind and body are giving that they need more from you.

And fam, let me be clear: your mind, body, and soul need you more than the world needs you.

Changing how we show up for ourselves is the beginning of a healthier perspective on life.

Because if we keep just trying to make it, one day we will look up and resent how we got to where we are.

And we will miss out on the joy of thriving in life.

Hear me fam.

You can do better than just make it.

Truly live.

And it starts with seeing yourself.