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“This new journal is amazing. Sometimes when I want to connect with myself, I don’t know where to start. But the journal is detailed and… Read More »7


“I’ve purchased two of See Yourself’s products so far and each has helped me discover more about myself.” – Previous Customer


“I love the Mind Your Truth journal. I use it everyday and it really helps me with my anxiety and depression.The questions in this journal… Read More »5


“I purchased the Mind Your Truth journal for a friend and it is literally perfect for her and what she needs!” – Previous Customer


“See Yourself’s digital and physical journals are dope! The See Yourself Challenge really helped me to learn to practice self care in new ways and… Read More »3


“This journal experience feels like I have a therapist in my palms. The Mind Your Truth journal has so many great questions that people shy… Read More »2


“The Mind Your Truth journal experience is absolutely amazing. I was having trouble expressing myself and had gotten used to keeping my emotions so bottled… Read More »1