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Courses to ignite your self-work!


I’m so glad you’ve found your way here!

Self care and self healing are rooted in self-discovery. We have the right self work tools for you no matter where you are on your wellness journey! 

Our journaling experiences are here to guide you, providing a safe space for introspection, growth, and the nurturing of your authentic self. Explore our offerings, all designed to elevate your well-being and empower you to thrive at every stage of your inner

Mindful Moments

A Self-Care Journal and Mini-Course

This self-study course and journaling experience teaches you how to create your own Mindful Moment practice. With both a digital training and a physical journal, I’ll share the magic of expressive writing in self-work and self-care, and how to build an intentional practice tailored to you and your needs.

Mind Your Truth

A Self-Discovery Journal and Mini-Course

This guided course and journaling experience designed to empower you to ask questions you’ve never thought of before and be brave enough to find the answers. With a video lesson, reflective exercises and physical journal, I’ll guide you down the path of self-discovery so that your self-work in mental health and healing is rooted in truth.

Mind Your Truth

A Self-Discovery Journal for Youth

This guided journaling experience is designed for middle and high school aged youth and empowers children to practice self-exploration, positive self-esteem, and personal growth and development. This offering comes with a Empower Your Child course for parents, where I share mindful wellness strategies to put you in the best position and mindset to nurture your child’s self-discovery and mental health.

Reclaiming You

Self Care Breakthrough Course

Reclaim your right to self care with this powerful course designed to break down the myths and mindset barriers around effective self care and build strategy around your personal self care system. Take this course and commit to your self care plan in no time!

Break Through Your Barriers

Self-Work Master Course NEXT ENROLLMENT - April 2024

This Master Course is here to help you break through the barriers keeping you from progressing on your mental wellness and healing journey. From self-sabotage to burnout, I’ll be walking you through mindset work and practical tools and strategies to address your specific barriers to self-work. This self-paced course comes with video lessons, ebook, toolkit, reflective exercises, and action guides and resources plus access to a Clarity call with me as your guide.