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Seek Joy!

Hey you. How have you been lately? Have you been taking time for yourself? Have you taken stock of what you need right now?

My bestie and I have a tradition that we started back in college, where we go on a sleepcation. People always think we are playing when we say that, but really we love to take a few days away in a random city and indulge in luxurious rest. It’s a need for us. This year we chose NYC. While the rest was much needed and absolutely amazing, what was more amazing was the joy I experienced.

Me and bestie are always a good time, but at every part of our time in New York, I remember laughter. From restaurants and bus tours to Broadway and late-night conversations, I laughed so much and so hard. I needed those laughs man. It boosted my mood and released a lot of tension after a pretty rough month. It reminded me I can seek joy in the big and small.

You have probably heard the term laughter is the best medicine. It may even be a bit cliché at this point. However, it still holds quite true. If you are feeling down, looking for ways to smile or laugh can turn your mood around. Not only is it a built-in mood-booster, releasing endorphins in your brain which are responsible for you feeling good, but laughter can also help lower stress as well. It is even believed to help in producing antibodies that can fight disease. This could be how the phrase, laughter makes the best medicine, came about.


You may feel strange being intentional about incorporating laughter and joy into your routine, but it’s possible to lean into the ways that come naturally to you. Dedicate time to your favorite hobby or passion, watch the shows and movies that make you laugh the hardest, connect with people who reflect what you are seeking. If you are in need of a pick-me-up, make sure you hang out with people who can bring light to your world. If you are always with others who are down as well, it’s going to be difficult for each of you to get out of your funk.

Now, no one can truly be happy 100% of the time. If you are unhappy more than you are happy, it could be time to seek some help. But, part of your tools outside of therapy could very well be to use laughter and joy-seeking as a wellness practice.

Seeking joy will improve your general outlook on life. Give it a try for a consistent period. Notice the changes that you experience in your feelings. Make joy your form of resistance in this crazy world.

See yourself full of joy.

See yourself worthy of joy and what it brings.

And know I see you too.