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Reclaiming My Worth

I didn’t realize how many insecurities I was carrying around from my 20’s.

Loss and relationship trauma made me insecure in the truest parts of me. Had me doubting my worth and shrinking the parts of me people deemed too much. Too bold. Too different.

In my own reflection time, I recently had this epiphany that I was still protecting myself from old hurts.

I was moving in my life in a way that puts intimacy and vulnerability in the context of relationship-building too much of a risk.

I know I’m an introvert. But it would be a cop-out to say that this was holding me back. What was holding me back was the fear of failed relationships as a result of me because I wasn’t seen as valuable.

This was a HUGE breakthrough for me because my fear was holding me back from living authentically and seeking community.

I’ve decided I won’t let old hurts dictate my present opportunities.

I’m too dope of a person to not move as such.

It’s created such an openness in me and I’m really feeling that for myself right now!

Trauma healing never stops.

Anyway, I hope this encourages you to examine how your past hurts have kept you from acting on present opportunities in front of you.

Reflection prompt: What has remained a relevant thought in your mind over time? How has it kept you from being open to what’s in front of you? What do you need to accept about the past to release that thought and move on?