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My Why

Although I have an about page, I really want to take a moment to get to the heart of the creation of this blog. My intention is for this blog to be a safe space for us to connect with the core of our beings in a way that offers transparency and connection with others. So in sharing my why with you, I hope it resonates with the part of you that you find difficult to acknowledge…the part that represents that most vulnerable part of you. Because we are looking inward FIRST this season forward, okayy!

My why starts from a place of unstable footing. I had reached a point in my life where I began to notice unhealthy patterns and practices that were hindering me from being the best version of myself. And I knew it was rooted in experiences from my past that created insecurities, walls of boundaries, impractical fears, and a dull ache to be healed from the deepest of pains. This was coupled with physical manifestations of pain as I was learning to adjust to a new reality of chronic illness. I knew I had a long journey to reach a better definition of wholeness and wellness and it has been the hardest journey I could have imagined. Because dealing with the hard stuff is tough! And whether we know it or not, pain is universal..

For me, pain is palpable.

The heaviness gripping your chest …that grief

That cloud hanging over your head…that sadnessdepression

That nervous energy making your thoughts race faster…anxiety

Sharp, aching, dull, stabbing, throbbing…pain

The kind that comes in unmet expectations, family drama, church hurt, failed relationships, heavy losses, low self-esteem, merciless judgement, overcompensation, life changing illnesses…

The ones we lock up in dark spaces and closed off places…

There’s pain in so many of our journeys, our diagnoses, our families, our place in society, our friendships, and may I suggest just the general way we show up in the world?..

It’s terrible feeling to be in the thick of that pain and feel completely alone. I don’t want that for you, my friend.

The whole purpose of this blog is to create a space to process, reflect, heal and grow through our pain – a place where education, awareness, and vulnerability are a given, and community is a bonus.

By no means, is my healing journey over. I have my good days and bad days, but I feel like this next leg of my journey is meant to be a more transparent one…one that can echo what you may be feeling, and help you navigate your way through your hard stuff too.

Being able to practice introspection and acknowledge those heavy, broken places that have held us back from living out our lives in a purposeful, healthy, and authentic way is so needed right now. Whether it’s forgiving a past hurt, stopping the self-loathing of living with an illness, choosing to let go of bitterness, or wanting to normalize living with and owning your flaws, make the choice to start dealing with the uncomfortable in your life.

I’m on this journey of self-reflection and I’m inviting you to grab a mirror with me.

Because I see your pain.

I see you.

And here my hope is that in seeing ourselves and each other, we create a culture where wholeness, wellness, and personal self-worth is the vibe that we carry into our lives every day.

Let’s do the hard work together, fam.

Our best selves are calling.