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Life to the Full

Hey family,

Let’s be real, election week was a lot right! I honestly was overwhelmed by it all. I took some time to sit with my feelings, navigate my fears, and ground myself in what brings me joy. I’m still sitting in that joy today but I wanted to talk about what this personal reflection time left me meditating on.

Now if you don’t know, I’m definitely repping for Jesus. Like literally He’s my homie! There’s nothing I have encountered that I haven’t leaned on Him about, and felt His love, grace, and favor around me, even in my darkest and weakest moments.  My faith grounds me, not in a religious way, but in a real way.

There’s a scripture that stays on my heart. John 10:10 NIV – “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

I think on this scripture quite often but over the last few days, it popped in my head and reminded me about my focus.

You see, whether you are a believer like me or not, there are universal truths found in this verse. Life and our experiences in life have a way of stealing our attention, killing our dreams, and destroying our progress towards a healed and whole life. It comes in the form of dysfunctional relationships, living a life of busy, worshiping the opinions of others, even embracing self-doubt from a broken word spoken over you. It’s the teacher who told you that you wouldn’t amount to anything. It’s the bitterness you’ve picked up after experiencing loss after loss. It’s the learned behaviors and cultural norms that have you ignoring your purpose and trying to just stay in the status quo. Recently, it may have been the tornado of social media debates, or the internal battle for you to even have hope for a better tomorrow. These are the distractions we encounter daily, that threaten our resolve, and kill our progress towards fulfilling our destiny on this earth.

But that second part of the verse, though! Jesus said that He came so that we could not only have life, but life to the full!   

What if I told you your “life to the full” is just beyond your willingness to ground yourself in what’s actually going to serve you in this moment?

What if I told you your “life to the full” is just beyond your decision to forgive, deal with your brokenness, accept the grace needed to live in your circumstances, make peace with your past, let go of expectations of others and even yourself?

What if I told you your “life to the full” has been on pause because your hands have been full of things that were never meant to be carried into your future?

Take a breath, fam, I know that hit different.

This isn’t saying that your experiences and feelings aren’t valid. It’s soooo valid. But you can’t stay there. That’s like buying a train ticket but choosing to stay on the platform as it passes you by. It may appear safe, or even comforting to sit in that familiar space, but you are missing real progress on the journey to your destiny.

There’s this song called “Destiny” that says, “waiting on the other side of temptation, waiting on the other side of this test, is everything you ever dreamed, everything you prayed for, everything He promised you.”

Your “everything,” that life to the full – it’s on the other side of your decision to shift your focus inward and put what best serves you first.

I’m not saying it’s easy or that your feelings aren’t still relevant. I’m just encouraging you to take one step towards your “life to the full.”

I’ll be doing the same.

Let’s do it together.