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It’s the Practical Liberation for Me!

Whew, where do I even start? I spent two days this weekend immersed in the most beautiful, powerful, and intentional faith experience of my life. The Woman Evolve ’21 Conference was absolutely everythinggg and there are no words to describe how God met us this weekend.

As I sit here and reflect on the conference, there is so much and yet not enough to say. But I will start by saying I am so grateful to be connected to a ministry of women who show up in their truth and believe God can use them anyway. By the end of the weekend, God had confirmed and affirmed in us that He will do just that!

This year’s theme was all about exhaling, breathing again after what felt like 2 years of trauma stealing our breath. Whew, that still gives me chills just repeating that. The accuracy, fam, the accuracy!!

The Therapeutic Revival

Can I say I’ve never witnessed an entire conference dedicated to the real brokenness of a person? Like I know we talk about getting delivered, but can we talk about what we actually need deliverance from? We talk about God keeping our mind, but can we talk about the real issues that are causing mental distress?

That’s what I saw this weekend. No stone was left unturned, no wound unrecognized.


Teen pregnancies.

Domestic Violence.





God made sure that every session and speaker was attuned to the needs of the women in the physical and virtual room. Every answer I needed was in the room, and Dr. Anita confirmed that even the answers I didn’t get, I didn’t need, only healing. God’s presence soothed our souls in such a tangible way, that I will never forget.

You know what it affirmed in me, that God really sees us. He didn’t forget about what we’ve been through, he still wants to heal the old, the deep, the hidden, the small. The details matter. And ohhhh how light it made me feel to see visual reminders of my calling, and purpose in action.

To be in a room and witness practical healing was so inspiring and I left full in spirit and ready for action. It boosted my passion for practical healing and wellness practices. My wellness support business is about to be next level and I’m coming to a whole new boldness because of this conference!

The Gems

Can we talk about the gems that these speakers and facilitators dropped?? If you followed my personal social media, you saw some of the big gems that I grabbed from the sessions but here are my personal favs!

  • “Stop looking for answers, and start looking for healing” – Dr. Anita Phillips
  • “You are not at eye-level with your problems, you are seated in heavenly places, start doing business from an elevated place!” – Pastor Toure Roberts
  • “Availability is not a love language” – Nedra Glover-Tewwab
  • Transformation lies in your worship
  • Writing down your dreams is important if you want to see it become your reality.
  • Stop holding in what’s in you, God calls for that river to come forth and flow – SJR

I learned where I have been the most broken is where God will bring the biggest blessing.

I learned that my healing is more important than the excuses I use to stay in an unwell space.

I was reminded that healing isn’t pretty. It’s intentional. It’s found in the depth of my spirit where God resides.

I was reminded all of Heaven’s resources are behind me.

And can’t nothing stop the version of me that God has spoken into existence.

How transformative these sessions were! I’m still watching replays!

The Community

Seeing community unfold this weekend was probably one of the most important parts for me. My connection with a church home has been very different in my adult years for a lot of reasons. One is my mental and physical health not really aligning with traditional church culture and dynamics. And another is my difficulty connecting again after experiencing trauma in church.

I’ve always felt Woman Evolve was a safe space. It’s okay to be raggedy there and I know how it feels to be in a raggedy place chiillee! It’s just always been a space that makes you feel good and welcomed.

But this weekend, the sense of community was so powerful.

Givers were just blessing people.

Dreams were funded.

People were pushed out of their comfort zones and supported in real-time.

From the virtual chats to what I could witness in the room, our sisterhood was elevated.

We were emboldened as an army and charged with fulfilling our purpose starting now.

The level of motivation I gained from these connections and community is unexplainable.

I just know I walked away different.

And I’m not holding back anymore.

Not while knowing I got so much support behind me. Not when we witnessed such a powerful, intentional movement of God this weekend.

I’m grateful to be healed from the fear of community.

In fact, I’m much more comfortable walking in my purpose knowing that community is such a huge part of it.

Talk about confirmation!

Anyway, this blog doesn’t scratch the surface of what this weekend did for me.

But I can sum it to say.

We came.

We exhaled.

We leveled up.

And now it’s time to help you see yourself.

I believe God can create that intentional, “ I see you” moment for you too.

Let me know how I can help get you there.

Til next time,