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Growth Check!

Fam!!! Can you believe it?! See Yourself blog has been outchea for a whole year!! I can’t thank you enough for being in support of this blog and where it is headed. In one year, the vision for See Yourself has grown tremendously. As I prepare to share the mission and launch of The See Yourself Initiative, I had to grab a few moments of reflection on the personal growth I’ve experienced in the last year. Because sis has been putting in work!

The changing of seasons is always a good time to reflect on the personal growth and gains you can see. One of my major growth wins is not shrinking from the vulnerability of an authentic me. I’m the chick that will cry at the drop of a hat but will tell you hard truths about yourself when needed. I’m awkward as hell but I know my shit. I love God and I cuss a lot. I am equally passionate about music as I am about writing, helping others, and wellness. I’ve decided to embrace it all, and not shrink for being all of me.

It’s a liberating feeling to live that truth, day in and out, no matter who you encounter. I shrunk myself for too long and now to be in a space where no part of me is left behind is freeing. I got a lot to say so expect more frequent blog posts! The season of holding back is gone!

Another major growth win for me is my ability to overcome emotional eating and weight obsession. I know that body image and weight has been an obsession in mainstream culture for a while now, and I fell right into it. Not necessarily for the same reasons, but I felt an obligation to get to a certain size. For years and years, I fell into this cycle of eating what I know is good for my body and my health conditions, stressing over progress or lack thereof, and stress eating. I had been playing with my health goals for a long time.

I’ve learned to focus more on my mental health and stress management and now I’m the smallest I’ve been in 5 years. This win was important because it signified me releasing an expectation that wasn’t my own. I was releasing someone else’s version of me and what that version represented. I’m happy where I am and when I look in the mirror, I know the woman staring back at me!

What growth wins can you celebrate right now?

What goals are you aiming for?

I encourage you to go in this new season with no fear. Just think what your next growth check-in could show if you release whatever is holding you back.

I see growth wins in your future.

Can’t you?!