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Grounding Statements to Affirm Your Safety

Hey family,

I know all too often we are brought together again in community grief when Black bodies are under attack.

And while the world would like us to simply move on, I need you to know that witnessing violence against our community is a trauma.

Just because they were strangers doesn’t mean we don’t feel their loss collectively and have many emotions triggered by what their loss means.

I need you to know that you aren’t supposed to be okay after trauma.

How you feel won’t always make sense.

Give yourself permission to pause and assess really what you are feeling.

Your mind and body may be assessing threats, causing you to react instead of responding to your current situation.

If this sounds familiar, think about affirming your safety with these grounding statements:

  • I am present and I am safe.
  • I release any trauma in my body.
  • I will not live in a posture of fear.
  • I accept the waves of grief and anger as they come.
  • My emotions are valid.
  • I have safe spaces to share my experiences.
  • I have supportive circles who hold space for me authentically.
  • I will not shrink for others, I will take up space.
  • I will not hold in my pain for others’ comfort.
  • I am more than my melanin.
  • My life matters.

Make sure the healing conversations you have with yourself and others after experiencing race-based trauma override the messages that society sends us daily that our pain doesn’t require acknowledgment.

It most certainly does!

So make room. Take up space.

And affirm your need to heal if no one else does.

See yourself worthy of it.

And know I see you too.