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Don’t Worry, You Are Not Out of Time

If I’m honest, there’s a voice that tells me quite often that I’m not going fast enough, a thought that I’m running out of time to birth my dreams and see them to fruition.

And the more I thought about this thing, I realized that this feeling is felt by more than just me. I thought about the last 10 years and how our black community has witnessed repeated traumas of watching our men and women die to the cruelty of white supremacy. And I wonder how many of us have this unacknowledged, subconscious but very real fear that we won’t live to see the harvest of the seeds we’ve sown?

And I also wonder how many dreams this fear has halted from even being explored and nurtured…

As I spoke to my therapist about this fear, I couldn’t help feeling sadness in my soul. But a knowing in my heart lifted me. This thought: that as long as I’m still breathing, I have purpose and if I still have purpose, then I have time to give what’s in me.

It changed my thought posture from a place of paralyzing fear to a divine acceptance that each step towards fulfilling my purpose is confirmation that I still have time.

As I sit on the cusp of launching my business, of releasing what I’ve been working on for the last two years, I’m reminding myself that my very breath is all I need to ground myself. The air in my lungs is proof that God’s purpose for me is worth pursuing. I’m not running out of time, I’m exactly where I need to be.

If you need some encouragement or maybe a reminder that what you are working toward is worth it, no matter the pace, this is the one.

Take a breath.

You’re not out of time.

Your next breath is all you need to keep going.

Til next time friend,