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See Yourself is a mental health and healing journal shop and studio here to serve your self-care, self-work, and self-healing needs.
We teach busy but burdened people how to create space for mental health and self-care through reflective journaling experiences, and actionable work in wellness.
We believe self-care is mental health care, and that mindful living can transform your wellness practice. We are here to help you learn to self care intentionally.

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About Alyssa Jai

Self-Care Strategist | Mindful Writing Coach |Founder of See Yourself

Hello, I'm Alyssa Jai, your Self-Care Strategist and Mindful Writing Coach here at See Yourself. This safe space community was founded from a personal place. I spent years suppressing and avoiding my pain, until that pain almost consumed me. Chronic illness, mental health disorders, and 6 years of wellness work later, I've created my own path and perspective on self care, mental health, and healing, and I'm here to show you how to create yours.
My mission is to guide you in creating personalized systems that support your mental wellness, self-care, and self-healing goals.With firsthand experience in the complexities of healthcare and wellness both personally and professionally, I'm here to assist you in defining and taking action on your unique path to healing. Self-care and wellness are not one-size-fits all. Working with me, I’ll teach you mindful writing practices, self-care tools and strategies, and mindset shifts that will empower your mental health and healing journey and help you embrace the kind of self-care that makes an impact on your entire self.

Whether you're wrestling with burnout, seeking life balance or the next level of inner healing, or even aspiring to elevate mental wellness in your community or workplace,I'm dedicated to supporting you.

Let’s get to crafting the life of wellness you have been dreaming about.
"The work of wellness is worth it and so are you." -AlyssaJai"